5 Signs Its Time For a New Front Door

Knowing when it’s the right time to change your front door and what type to change it to can be a challenge. Here are some simple signs to look out for to help you out.

1. Door is damaged

There are a few things to look for when determining if your door is damaged, even the smallest amounts of damage can impact your front doors security. One clear sign your door needs replacing is if you’ve noticed warping. Warping can result in gaps at the top of your door making your home susceptible to break ins.  It’s also important to look out for rust on the hinges or your door as well as the locks.

2. Your door is difficult to use

If you are struggling to open your door then it is definitely time to update it. Your front door should not catch, stick or drag, nor should it be difficult to lock or open. If you are working up a sweat just trying to get into your house, it’s time for a new front door.

3. The door lets in a draught

Noticed your home seems to of got a little colder, even if you turn the heating up? Your front door is the likely culprit. A great way to test if your entrance door is letting in a draft is to safely place a lit candle in front of the door, if it flickers, a draught is being let in. A new door will not only up your curb appeal but will also reduce your energy bills.  

4. The door has single glazed glass

Single glazed glass is no longer regularly used as security standards have got much tougher in recent years. However, if you have an older door it may contain single glazed glass panes. Single glazed glass is also much less secure than its double glazed and triple glazed counterparts. Updating your door to a double glazed or triple glazed one will not only increase security but will also provide you with peace of mind that your home, possessions and love ones are safe. 

5. Noise reduction

Have you noticed the outside noise is getting louder? Maybe you can hear each and every car door closing or every word of your neighbour’s conversation. This is another sign it’s time for a new front door. Your front door should help reduce outside noise and if it doesn’t it is probably time to upgrade to a new double or triple glazed front door. 

At Maybank Solutions we have a great range of entrance doors with a variety of colours and designs available. All of our doors have multi-point locking systems to ensure your home is secure and a ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation is available on request. To discuss which type of entrance door may be best for your home or to request a quote please contact the team.

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