6 Interior Design Trends for 2021

If you are looking to spruce up your home this year, we’ve got 6 interior design trends that will have your home looking like its ready for a magazine shoot and will have all your family and friends asking where you got your interior inspiration from!

Natural textures

Textures are a great way to add some character to a room if you an averse to bright, bold colours. Natural textures paired with neutral decor can instantly create a luxurious feel to a room. There are lots of natural textures you can use from rock and stone to wood and cotton. Vases and sculptures are a great way to add texture as well as cushions, throws and bedding. This is a quick way to get your home looking ‘on-trend’ this year, 

Dried flowers

You have probably seen dried flowers all over your Instagram feed recently. They are a great way to add texture to your home, plus they are low maintenance and long-lasting. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to water these! Pop into a coloured glass vase for a touch of colour, or keep it classic with a tall stone effect vase. 

Year round outside space

It doesn’t look like social distancing is going away anytime soon and with the only option for socialising likely to be outside in small groups for a little while longer, focussing on creating outdoor spaces that work all year round is going to be a big 2021 trend. You’ll find lots of inspiration on Pinterest but a great place to start is some weatherproof comfy outdoor seating, a basket full of blankets – a basket looks good and is easy to pop inside when the British weather turns grey! Fairy lights, fire-pits and DIY bars are also a great way to create all-year round outside spaces.

Home office styling

With the majority of us working from home, make shift offices and boring functional rooms are likely to stifle creativity and reduce productivity. Most of us will spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in our home offices so take a little time to give it some personality! You can still create a separate work space without a dedicated room, use an alcove or use a bookshelf to section off an area of a room. Try to build your home office close to some natural light and add some green plants.

Light filled spaces

Natural light gets a big thumbs up from us – check out our blog on the benefits of natural light! Creating light filled spaces can boost productivity and have several health benefits. Try and avoid placing dark furniture too close to windows, be sure to open all curtains or blinds in the morning and add some plants. Light filled spaces tend to put us in a better mood, and a mood boost is definitely something we all need every once in a while. You could also install new windows or doors to help light flood your home. 

Green is the new grey

Grey has been the colour to use in interior for years now, but there’s a new kid on the block! Forget grey, this year it’s all about green. Green symbolises health, happiness and nature. It is a very versatile colour that can be used as a neutral background or as a bold accent wall, everyone can add a little green to their home. With hundreds of shades to choose from suitable for every room in your home, this is an easy way to add an on trend touch to your home. 

However you decide to update your home this year, these 6 trends are sure to be big this year. Incorporating just a few into your home is sure to give your family and friends interior design envy!

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