Best ways to keep your home safe

When moving into a new house, it is important to make sure that your home is as secure as possible to protect you and your family. There are a few things that you should check and invest in to maximise your home security.

Update your locks and keys 

The security and durability of your locks, doors and windows is the most important feature to home security. Despite how safe lock and key mechanics are, you can never be too safe. We’d recommend that you change your door locks every two or so years to ensure home security.

For garden doors and windows, one way lock systems are considered one of the safest locking mechanisms. Investing in these one way locks may be expensive at first, however it would stop you from forking out money every few years on new locks.

Reinforced windows and doors

The strength of your windows and doors are very important when it comes to keeping your home safe.

By having double-glazed windows installed, your windows become stronger than others, are weatherproof and soundproof. Not to mention the other benefits like being eco-friendly and increasing property value. In combination with this, having strong and durable doors will even further help secure your home. The strongest and safest door to have installed is a steel door, as they don’t need any extra reinforcement. These are however very expensive, cheaper alternatives such as uPVC or composite doors are also great and easily accessible options. 

Motion sensor lighting

Investing in motion sensor lights is a subtle, innovative way to increase your home security with added convenience of nighttime lighting. Motion sensor lights are installed in a range of different designs so that they can be implemented in any home aesthetic. These lights can also be installed anywhere around the exterior of your home and is a great indicator for any potential nighttime intruders.


Recent technological inventions, have seen high quality development of security cameras and doorbells that pair with home audio devices around your home. Amazon and Google are the most well known companies to produce such devices with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Not only are these products great for security, but they are also inconspicuous and will fit in with any home style.

Everyday good habits

By keeping up with your daily safety check habits, such as checking if doors and windows are locked, you can not only make sure that your home is secure but also give yourself peace of mind. 

To help keep your home secure, we offer an excellent double glazing service and our doors all come with top-quality security locks. Contact us for more information.

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