Both bi-folding and sliding doors are popular among homeowners. Each of these doors allows maximum light into your property.  However, it can be a difficult decision choosing the right door for you, as both have different features and create unique aesthetics to your home.

We have put together this article to help you decide what is the best type of door for your property.

Garden Size

The size of your garden is important when choosing the best door when adding it to the rear of your property.  For example, if you live in a smaller property such as semi-detached or terraced, a bi-fold door may be the obvious choice.  However, if you have a larger garden with stunning views, you won’t want to miss out on the skylines and beautiful scenery, therefore sliding doors will be ideal.

Bi-fold Doors

Usually, bi-fold doors will have six panels that will neatly fold together. They slide open either inwards or outwards.  The doors open out fully, connecting your indoors with the outdoor space, such as your garden.  A popular choice is bi-fold doors that open outwards, minimising the risk of rainwater dripping inside your home.  You will also be reducing the chances of debris entering your living space.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors open out to the side, and have panes behind one another.  Unlike bi-fold doors that open up to about 90% of the entire frame, sliding doors are more likely to open up at 50-60%.  A benefit of sliding doors is that they have slim frames and bigger panes of glass.  This will result in better, uninterrupted views.


Versatility is something you will need to consider when choosing the right door for your property.  Bi-folding doors are highly versatile.  They easily open up and connect your indoor and outdoor space, alternatively you can open one panel.

Sliding doors are ideal if you want to make the most of the views and prioritise maximum natural light.


Bi-fold doors usually have more frames, allowing more heat to escape, so, therefore, are not as thermally efficient as sliding doors. Aluminium is a popular choice for bi-fold and sliding doors. It is a low maintenance material and durable. With that said, Aluminium frames are not the best thermal insulators.  Sliding doors tend to have more glass than frames, therefore are more thermally efficient.  




Cost is always an important factor when choosing doors, especially if you are on a budget. The material and dimensions will make a difference in the overall cost.


Aluminium is expensive, so if you are on a budget, we recommend you choose uPVC, which is the most cost-effective material. The size of your panels is also a factor. The larger the panes, the more expensive they will be.




On the day of installation, the builder will usually start the process in the morning. The outer frame will need to be complete before the track installation and fitting of the door. The final stage will be checking the entire system works effectively and make any necessary adjustments.


Depending on the style and size of your doors, it may take the team of builders one day to complete. The bigger the project, the longer it will take and may go over into two to three days to complete.


For more information on bi-fold and sliding doors, please get in contact, and we will be happy to assist.

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