Choosing Sliding Sash Windows for your property

By November 19, 2020Windows

Installing sliding sash windows is the ideal way to add charm and character to your property. Sash windows slide upwards instead of outwards, and they were a traditional type of window back in the 19th century.


Modern sash windows will look similar to those installed in the Victorian era.  They have slim frames with narrow glazing bars, giving a typical period look on thousands of homes in the UK.  They also feature the latest type of glass, offering more insulation benefits.


Maybank Solutions have plenty of designs available, with a range of popular colours to choose from. Our team have a great eye for detail and can help you select stunning sash windows that will suit your property type.


What materials are Sash Windows made from?


Sash windows are made from two main materials.  They include timber, or uPVC as an alternative. Timber comes in either the traditional type featuring weights and cords or a more modern version that has a spring balance operation. Timber is designed to ensure windows don’t twist or warp.  Regardless of what type of timber you decide on, you will have a choice of colours and styles that can be customised to meet

your needs.


The alternative to timber sash windows is uPVC, which is wrapped in grained wood and available in several colours. The uPVC frames can be welded or mechanically fixed creating the look of timber.


Quality of Sash Windows


It is important to check the moveability of your newly installed sliding sash windows.  A sash window should tilt with ease for cleaning purposes.


Most good quality windows will come with a multi-chamber profile strength, durability and be energy-efficient.  If the tilt arms are made from steel, you can guarantee they are strong. If your sash windows have weak tilt arms, they are likely to break easily, and on some occasions, this will result in the replacement of the entire window.  Check with your glazer that the windows have pretension spring balance, allowing for easy opening and closing.


Energy efficiency


The majority of modern windows are designed with energy-efficiency in mind. You should check with your manufacturer as you won’t want to leave it until the winter to discover the window lets in cold air. You should also notice a decrease in your heating bills.




When choosing your sash windows, don’t just concentrate on the colour and appearance, but also take into consideration the quality of features.


For more information and guidance on choosing the right sash windows for your property, please get in touch.

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