For the majority of us double glazing is the norm but where did it originate, what is it and what are the benefits of having double glazed windows in your home?

The invention of double glazing

Some say the Romans invented the idea with their heat retention techniques. Although it’s a nice idea to belief the Romans invented double glazing thousands of years ago, the more realistic inventor is C.D Haven, an America who came up with ‘thermopane’ or double glazing as we better know it in the 1930s. His revolutionary invention provided incredible thermal benefits for households across America. C.D Haven’s invention took off in 1950s America and was associated with sophistication and superiority.

The UK were a few years behind on the uptake of Haven’s thermopanes with double glazing become popular in the UK in the 1970s and 80s.

What is double glazing?

You can think of double glazing like a cake. Two panes of energy efficient glass for the two sponges and a vacuum of an inert gas for the buttercream. An inert gas is a gas that is non-reactive and safe, these types of gases maybe better know as ‘lazy gases’. Ok, so this cake might not taste delicious but it is energy efficient and can reduce your energy bills, plus its calorie free!

The manufacturing process is a straightforward one, perhaps one of the reasons it has become so popular in homes. The process of manufacturing ‘the cake’ stops moisture entering the space between your window panes preventing them from becoming cloudy with condensation. 

Since its creation in 20th century double glazing has come a long way. In fact, double glazing has improved dramatically in the last 10 years. At Maybank Solutions we have a variety of finishes and colours available for windows making each project completely bespoke. 

Benefits of double glazing

There are several benefits to having double glazed windows in your home, here are just a few.

Energy efficient – Double glazing is extremely good at keeping heat in making your home warmer. A warmer home makes for lower energy bills, the Energy Saving Trust has said that replacing single glazed windows on a detached house with ‘A’ rated double glazing can save up to £110 a year on energy bills.

Noise reduction – High quality double glazing is an effective barrier to outside noise such as traffic. Making your home a quieter.

Security – Single pane glass is easy to smash whilst double glazing is notoriously difficult to break. With double glazing your home will have increased security giving you peace of mind.

Less condensation – as previously mentioned, double glazed windows reduce the amount of moisture on your window panes preventing condensation. Condensation is the main cause of mould in window panes, but with double glazing this problem is resolved.

If you’d like to talk to the team about installing new double glazing in your home, please contact us.  

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