2020 has become the year where thousands of people have started working from home. This is more of a necessity other than choice.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are working remotely to ensure they can continue operating during the lockdown, and avoid as much disruption as possible. 

There are so many benefits to working from home.  There will be no commuting for employers and employees, therefore saving money and valuable time. 

You will have more free time that will result in not only extra hours to fit work in, but also allows you to balance your other commitments, such as family life. 

Because of the benefits mentioned, it isn’t surprising that employees are happy to continue remote working, and it has possibly led to more people considering doing it on a more permanent basis.

It is more important now than ever to create a working environment that is comfortable with minimal distractions.

So, how do you create a comfortable working environment? 

We have discussed the benefits of working from home, but it can be difficult to create a comfortable working environment that is peaceful and productive within the home.

You will have to find a space that is big enough for everything you need, such as a desk, chair and computer, which is usually essential. This might mean converting the spare room into an office or using your conservatory.

Reduce Noise 

One of the biggest challenges is noise. On a day-to-day basis, you probably won’t be aware of the noise around you, but when you are trying to concentrate, it can be a distraction. 

Whether it is traffic passing your home, children playing in the street, or your neighbours having a catch-up, it can become frustrating.

Secondary glazing will prevent these issues from arising.  Featuring a secondary panel, you will be left with a slightly wider gap that you would expect from double or triple glazing.  The wide gap is far better at dissipating sound waves and will reduce noise from entering the room.  

You may start to notice your sleep pattern improves.  Some people have struggled to relax during the pandemic, which can cause stress and anxiety.  If sleep is disrupted, outside noise will not help.  Secondary glazing is a great way of providing a peaceful nights sleep.

Keeping Warm 

Another common issue when working from home is staying warm.  During the colder months, it is likely you set a timer for your heating to come on when you wake and to save money, switch it off before you leave for a day in the office, where for most, heating is provided for free.

Sitting in the cold all day will not only be uncomfortable but is likely to lead to lack of motivation and productivity. However, by leaving the heating on constantly throughout the day will lead to larger energy bills. 

The solution is to insulate your home. This can be achieved by insulating walls, your roof, and choosing the right doors. Windows are crucial for energy efficiency. By choosing secondary glazing, you will notice a huge difference in the improvement of the thermal efficiency of your home.  

If you need help making your home-working environment more comfortable, contact Maybank Solutions for further information on how we can assist.  

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