Improve your Front Gardens Curb Appeal

As important as it is to have an appealing interior to your home, it is just as important to have a beautiful entrance too. A well-designed front garden can change the way the rest of your home feels and also change the way visitors perceive your house. Here are some tips, tricks and design ideas on how to decorate your front garden.

Before you begin your redesigning your front garden, consider things like colour schemes, placement of plants or ornaments and assess the practicality of your design before you dive in.


No matter how beautiful you want your front garden to appear, the practicality and what you want to use it for are the most important things to consider before decorating. When designing, if there isn’t a clear path to your home, people may try to make shortcuts and could end up damaging your decor. Any protruding plants or decorations may end up getting in the way, be sure to have any larger plants situated towards the edges and back of the garden. One final thing that you should consider is how your front garden will look from the inside of your home looking out, you don’t want any benches or plants blocking your window view for example.

Materials and their practicality is also something you should consider. Materials such as gravel may give you the appearance you’re looking for, however, using materials like these may be more of an annoyance rather than a positive. Instead, lay a smooth tarmac drive & walkway to not only expand the lifespan of your drive, but also to increase the appeal of the area.

Designing your front garden

Now that you’ve considered all the practical elements to your front garden, it’s time to have some fun and choose an aesthetic for the entrance to your home. There are endless options when deciding how you’d like your garden to look, however keeping it simple is usually the best option. Make sure that all the materials you choose to collaborate with each other to create the perfect front garden for you.

Choosing a theme to follow for your front porch, such as a zen garden, is a great way to stay on track with your design and allocated budget. When redesigning your front garden, remember to consider your front door opting for a bold & contrasting coloured door, such as a red or a black, is a great way to do this.

However, you choose to decorate your front garden, you’ll want a sturdy, sleek door to stand out and make the exterior of your home look that extra bit attractive. We offer a range of doors as well as a premium installation service to ensure a quick and easy installation.

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