If you have a conservatory, you will understand that during winter, it is likely to be the coldest room in the house. There are solutions to consider. You can set your heating high, which although cosy, it can be costly. Perhaps add an extra layer of clothes, or avoid using the conservatory during the colder months.


Although these are viable options, you haven’t invested your time and money into having a conservatory if you can only enjoy it in the spring and summer!  


In this article, we have put together some more realistic ways you can heat your conservatory.


Choose specialist glass


One of the biggest ways to lose heat is through ill-fitting, or old windows with single glazing. By replacing them with double or triple glazing, you will be retaining the heat better, therefore not only keeping your conservatory warm but also reducing the cost of your energy bills. Some modern windows have a special coating that prevents the heat from escaping when you need it the most.


Adding insulation


Other than windows, most heat is lost through the roof (as heat rises). Ensuring your roof is well-insulated is important. You may not want to keep it during the warmer months, so if you are comfortable with DIY, there are ways you can install short-term insulation to temporarily trap the heat. However, if you are unsure, always check with a professional.


Specialist roofing


A more long-term approach would be to have a lightweight roof fitted, specifically designed for your conservatory. Conservatory roofing will improve your insulation whilst reducing your energy bills throughout the year. It weighs less than traditional roofing and will not put any extra pressure or weight on your framework.


Blinds, Drapes and Throws


Installing a set of blinds and covering your furniture in drapes and throws will not only warm your conservatory, including preventing cold surfaces, but it will also allow you to add your style, creating a welcoming feel to the room.


Update your flooring


It may not seem the obvious solution, because how much heat can you lose through flooring? Walking on cold floors can make you feel uncomfortable, and then it takes ages for your feet to warm up.

Maybe now is a time to consider underfloor heating! However, if you are on a budget, a fluffy rug will also take the chill off.


Electric Heating


You may have considered connecting your conservatory to your existing central heating system, but with that comes expense and hassle. It is likely you will need planning permission to carry out this work and it can take time. 


The alternative is to install electric heating. They are efficient in the way they convert their energy into heat, maintaining a comfortable temperature that is easy to adjust.


Use your heating efficiently! 


Some people choose to have their heating on constantly at a regulated temperature. If you have a radiator in the conservatory, and only use it on occasion, it is wasted heat. 


It makes more sense to turn the heating on in that room as and when you are using it to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. 

There are so many options to choose from, and if you at least put some of these suggestions into action, you will be able to comfortably use your conservatory all year round. 


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