Soundproofing your windows is something you should consider, regardless of where you live. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to sleep at night, but the noise from outdoors is keeping you awake. The most common issues are heavy traffic, sirens, construction work, restaurants, bars or dogs barking.
Not only can these noises disrupt your sleep pattern, but it can also be a nuisance during the day, affecting the atmosphere of your entire home. If you work from home, as a lot of people have been in 2020, your quality of work may be affected.
Windows are usually the least effective in a property when it comes to sound insulation. They tend to be the thinnest barrier, separating you from the outside world.
Here are four ways you can soundproof your windows.
Seal Gaps

If your windows are showing signs of having gaps, this will no doubt be one of the causes for noise entering your property from the outside. You can seal these gaps by using a sealant such as acoustic caulk, or weather-stripping sealer.

Once this has been done, the gaps that were once between the wall and borders of your windows will now be filled, therefore the amount of noise that enter will now be reduced significantly.

Create a Barrier

Have you considered adding a barrier from the outside of your property? This can be equally as effective in reducing noise. Perhaps erect a fence between the road and your window, or maybe some large shrubs. Not only will this improve the appearance of your property, but it will also reduce, although not completely eradicate, unwanted noise from entering your home.

Add Thick Curtains

We have covered the exterior of your property now we will look at how you can reduce the noise by making minor changes internally.

By simply installing a pair of acoustic curtains, is an effective way of deflecting noise from entering the house. You can have them made to measure and choose from a variety of colours depending on your style.

What makes acoustic curtains different from standard curtains? It is all in the fabric! Acoustic curtains are designed using high-quality fabric that is thick, luxurious and should be flame retardant and sound-absorbing.

By hanging acoustic curtains, you will not only be soundproofing your property, but you will also be blocking out unwanted light. They are also more energy-efficient than your ‘bog standard’ curtains.

Install Double or Triple Glazed Windows

Although it can be a more costly option, if you have standard single-pane windows, it may be time to upgrade to double or triple glazed windows. Not only will you notice a significant difference when it comes to noise control, you will benefit from lower energy bills.

Double glazing has two panes of glass and is separated with argon gas. Therefore, creating a form of insulation pockets, keeping in the heat far more efficiently than single-glazed windows. You will benefit from a cooler house in the summer and a warmer environment in the winter.

If you have already invested in double glazing, and you still notice noise and drafts, it may be time to upgrade to triple glazing.
Triple glazing offers another pane of glass, making it even more efficient. Triple glazing is the most popular option if you suffer from a serious noise problem.

Final Thoughts

It might be tempting to try and cut costs, but we recommend you seek professional advice before you go ahead. Ensure that whoever installs your windows is fully qualified and has experience in soundproofing. There should be no gaps or cracks around the edges of the window. If your windows are not installed correctly, it will be a complete waste of your time, energy and money.

Maybank Solutions are experts in all types of double and triple glazing. If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.