Every homeowner deserves a decent sized kitchen, especially if you love to entertain guests, or perhaps you are planning to extend your family.  Let’s face it, your kitchen is often considered the ‘heart of the home’. Once you have made the decision, you will need to have some kind of idea in mind of how you want your kitchen to look, and what type of extension suits your property.

The type of extension you choose will depend very much on the style and design of your house.  You will also need to consider the area you live in, your surroundings, and then decide on a budget.

Two popular choices are side return and rear extensions.  For example, if you own a terraced property, you will only have the option of a rear kitchen extension. However, if you own a semi or detached house, you may have the extra room for a side extension.

In this article, we have outlined some kitchen extension ideas.

Covert an unused garage

Whilst garages are useful for most, you may find that you don’t need yours very often.  Perhaps it has been used as a junk room, somewhere to simply store items you only bring out once a year. Whilst this may seem a handy option, it is a waste of valuable space. By converting an unused garage, you can extend your kitchen, allowing extra light and perhaps an open plan dining area.

Garages are also a popular choice when adding a utility room.  A utility room is somewhere you can store your washing machine, tumble dryer, and even your fridge freezer. This alone will open up your kitchen space.

Choose a pitched roof or roof lantern

Both a pitched roof and roof lantern are great ideas for a kitchen.  Both options will let in lots of natural light, add height and will make the space look bigger.


Integrate your structural elements

Some homeowners choose to hide their structural beams, but they can be used as part of the design.  For example, you may have black beams that can be painted white to lighten the room. Or keep them black in a white kitchen to create some balance.

Choose bright colours

Don’t be afraid to choose bold colours!  With so many options available, there are benefits to having bright colours in your kitchen.  It can boost your mood, encourage family time, make using the kitchen more enjoyable, and depending on the colour you choose, turn a dark space into a lighter room.

Change how you present your storage

Add as much storage as possible without cluttering your new space.  Open shelving units are perfect if you are fed up with trying to find accessories at the back of your drawers and cupboards.  They are a particularly good idea if you want to display cookbooks, making sure they are readily available.

Leave brickwork exposed

Exposed brickwork has become a popular choice among home owners who decide to extend their kitchen.  They will add character and warmth.  One option is reclaimed bricks.  With the colour inconsistencies, they will look better with your flooring and worktops, making the tones more noticeable.

Choosing your kitchen doors

When fitting or extended a kitchen, you should consider glazed doors. They can be installed to the rear of the kitchen, allowing in natural light and beautiful views of the garden.  However, they can also be used to separate the kitchen from the dining area.  You will still benefit from the extra space, without blocking your views between rooms.

So, now you have some ideas, why not contact Maybank Solutions? Our team of experts are on hand to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

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