When installing new windows to your home, there is no doubt that the most popular choice is uPVC double glazed windows. This is due to the fact uPVC looks good, it is durable and requires little in the way of maintenance. uPVC is excellent for saving energy, in turn, reducing costs of household bills and keeping you warm at all times.

If you have chosen this popular type of double glazing, there are still other aspects to consider. Each type of double glazing serves a specific purpose for each room, as well as the variety of frame colours and glass available.

Here is a short guide on what options are available to you.

Fixed Glazed Windows

Fixed glazed windows are ideal for any room in your house that is already well ventilated. As they can’t be opened, they are designed to allow natural light in as opposed to fresh air.

Casement Double Glazing

Another popular choice is casement double glazed windows. They are easy to operate and open outwards in the same way a door does. These windows will let in plenty of air, keeping any room well ventilated. They are stylish, secure and exceptionally energy efficient.

uPVC WindowScapes

The most expensive option, WindowScapes are designed for larger rooms and run across the entire wall. Although costly, they are a great way to allow uber amounts of natural light in. If you own a property with stunning views, these are the windows to install.

Awning Double Glazing

Awning windows are designed with their hinges at the top of the frame and only open outwards. They allow in plenty of light and are the perfect solution if you have limited space.

Sash Windows

Sash windows open by sliding them up as opposed to outwards. They will give your home a traditional Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian look with their distinctive design. Although traditional, they are still being installed and enjoyed today, whilst using efficient materials.

Bay Windows

Bay windows consist of a combination of three or more windows that extends out from the building and does not touch the ground. They will give you an influx of natural light and will give the appearance of a larger living area.

Bay windows can also be used as additional seating, storage or a place to display plants and ornaments.

Rotating, Tilt and Turn Windows

uPVC tilt and turn windows are designed so you can either tilt them inwards from the top or from the side hinges. They offer a great deal of flexibility when you want to ventilate a room. You will not have to worry about rain leaking in as the water will run straight off. They are ideal for small bathrooms as they don’t take up extra space like a fully opening window will.

Colours, tints and glass design

Once you have chosen the type of window to install, you now have the decision of what coloured frames and the type of glass to be used. There is a variety to choose from and also several different wood colours available.

You may opt for standard glass, or perhaps choose a tinted version for extra privacy, which is ideal for bathrooms.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements further, please don’t hesitate in contacting us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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