Make The Most Of Your Homes Exterior


British summer time has arrived! What a better time than now to spruce up your home with some exterior design. From colour to furniture, you can change or enhance the aesthetic of your home with these simple yet effective exterior design ideas.


The use of colour is essential to convey the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. Whether you’re a bright, bubbly person that prefers vibrance or if you prefer a neutral colour palette, the colour in your home showcases your personality.

Shades of Green

Green is an essential colour in exterior design. Using earthy tones can create a forestry atmosphere and add a natural presence to your home. Incorporating brighter colours with flowers or green plants can bring your home to life whilst making your house feel like a home.

Woods & Beige

Wood is a staple material in many gardens all across the world. The great thing about it is that there are so many different colours and textures to choose from. Using a dark brown oak wood can bring a rustic feel to your home whereas using a smoother, lighter birch wood can brighten up your home, giving you a more luxurious, modern appearance.

The best thing about all these woods is that they all go perfectly with Beige. A universal colour to add a flat dimension to your already beautiful, elaborate wooden exterior.

High Contrast Tones

Recently homes have seen an increase in the use of contrasting colours for their exterior. Many people prefer the futuristic style of home and using highly contrasting blacks and whites is the perfect way to achieve this. The trick to using muted colours is to also add one other brighter colour to further the contrast and add more dimension and character to the exterior. When using black and white, green is the perfect third colour to add to make your home feel more alive. And the easiest way to add green? Grass!

Colour isn’t the only important thing to create an aesthetically pleasing exterior. The use of furniture and other decorations will add more character to your home’s exterior.


Adding furniture to the outside of your home to match your house’s exterior design is the perfect way to add detail and dimension to your home. Following a modern style, you can add a few small wicker plants to your front porch to add more colour to the muted tones. This can also keep some feel of nature in your exterior. When you’ve opted for the more rustic, wooden exterior, adding more wooden furniture like a small table & chairs and plants is the best way to further build the atheistic.


Small potted plants aren’t the only way you can use greenery to spice up your exterior. Planting flowers and small bushes alongside pathways can enhance and shape the walkways. Whether they’re at your front or back door, they can give your home the feeling of an outdoor retreat. If you’ve got the room, bigger hedges and flower beds can add a large range of colour and depth to your atheistic too. The possibilities are endless.

LED Lights

For those of you who prefer the modern look, adding LED lights to your exterior is a great way to enhance the futuristic feeling of your home. Lining your pathways with LED light strips will brighten up your home of a night while also adding that extra sense of security. LED lights are a great way to give your exterior the old classic spotlight feel without the obvious light-source protruding through the ground while also adding a new modern feel.

There are so many ways that you can design, elevate or even change the exterior of your home. So why not take the time this summer to raise the bar and make your home the centre of attention for 2021?

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