Securing Your Home In Uncertain Times

2020 can only be described as a difficult year for everybody.  People have been furloughed and are having to adjust to working from home.  Some families are homeschooling their children, all of us are social distancing, and for some, feelings of immense loneliness have crept in.

Whilst the majority of people have all pulled together, sadly, it is during times like this that you may notice an increase in crime rates.  Why is that?  It could be for several reasons.  

Why is the Crime Rate Increasing During COVID-19?

People are struggling financially and may feel desperate, and in some cases, there will be those who take the opportunity to exploit the vulnerable.

How Can You Protect your Property?

Although it is important to come together during these unprecedented times, it is equally as important to protect you and your family.  The first steps in doing this is by keeping your home safe. 

Here are some tips on how you can keep unwanted visitors at bay!

Keep your Valuables Hidden

Whilst it is tempting to have your pride processions on display, you don’t want to draw any unwanted attention to your home.  This is especially important during the festive period.  Burglars know that you have likely purchased gifts for loved ones, some of which can be valuable. Keep them locked away in a safe, secure place.

By keeping your blinds and curtains drawn of an evening, or when you are not home, will not only be preventing people seeing inside your home at what is ‘on offer’, but you will also benefit from keeping the cold out.

Install Security Equipment

If security is heavily on your mind, have you considered installing security equipment? Some of this equipment includes cameras and alarm systems. If an intruder is concerned they will be caught out, they are less likely to take any chances.  

Remain Alert

Since the first lockdown in March 2020, the government have expressed regularly to stay alert. The same rules apply when it comes to security. Make sure your doors and windows are locked at all times. Now would be the perfect time to check the efficiency of all your windows and doors.

Another great tip is to try to avoid sticking to your usual routine. For example, if you leave to go shopping the same time each day, mix it up a little in case somebody has taken note of when you are less likely to be home.

Avoid broadcasting your every move on social media.  Although you may think you only have trusted people on your friend’s lists, this information can be easily leaked out.

Prevent Easy Entry 

One of the biggest risks to the security of your home is easy access.  As previously mentioned, ensuring you have proper functioning windows and doors is the first step to take!

Windows are usually one of the first points of access that an intruder will try.  Most doors are robust, and with various locking mechanisms, as long as they aren’t ancient, your doors should keep people out.

Do you have double or triple glazing?  If the answer is no, you will be at risk.  Due to the additional panels of glass, it is far more difficult for somebody to break in without being noticed.     

At Maybank Solutions, we can help give you that extra peace of mind you need.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you secure your home. 

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