Should your windows and doors be ‘Secured by Design’?

Security and safety is always a homeowners top priority, that’s why the UK Police Service have developed the ‘Secured by Design’ initiative. We are proud to offer ‘Secured by Design’ certification upon request, but what does ‘Secured by Design’ really mean?

The initiative has been developed as the official police security initiative. The initiative provides a recognised standard for all security products that can help prevent and reduce crime. ‘Secured by Design’ aims to improve the physical security of building and homes such as doors, windows and locks that meet ‘Secured by Design’ standards. The team work closely with builders, developers, local authorities and trades to incorporate police crime prevention standard from initial planning all the way through to completed design. 

The initiative has proven to be very effective since it’s establishment in 1989 with over one millions homes being built to ‘Secured by Design’ standards, reductions in crime of around 87% on new developments and an overall reduction in property crime of 60%. 

At Maybank Solutions we are part of the ‘Secured by Design’ initiative and can provide the accreditation for all of our customers upon request. As a result of being part of the scheme, you will have complete peace of mind that any windows and doors you purchase from us are of the highest security standards. Our doors come with multi-point locking systems to ensure your home is kept secure. The windows we offer are also fitted with effective locks as standard, so when you update your doors and windows with us you will have complete confidence that your home is safe and secure.

If you would like more information on the ‘Secured by Design’ initiative, please visit the website . The website has lots of great information on keeping your home, garage and garden secure as well as more information about the initiative. 

To discuss our secure windows and doors options please contact our team on 01702 523 823.

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