When browsing for a new front door, you’ll naturally have some questions to ask. An example of one of these might be, “Which external door material is best?” To answer this question, External doors are widely available in uPVC, timber and aluminium. All of which provide a variety of designs and high performances. However, when compared,  a Composite door will always be the better choice.  So, what are the best composite doors In 2020?

So why are composite doors the best choice?

Versatile and stylish, Composite doors benefit from modern production processes, meaning they can be bespoke to each and every homeowner. Composite doors can have a smooth or wood grain textured finish making them not just a contemporary design but a traditional design too.

We have found that the most popular composite door colours include red, green, grey and black. Composite doors offer multiple customization options, with features such as things as decorative glass and a variety of door furniture pieces for you to choose from. We’ll be able to help you design the perfect Composite door style to suit your personal preferences.

Very durable and highly secure

When searching for a new front or back door, home security is a high priority for any homeowner. With modern Composite doors, you’ll have peace of mind that your home is protected. With Composite doors being so strong, they’re stronger deterrents to intruders. Other doors have weaker integrity and inferior quality of materials which are easier to break.

Our Composite doors are fitted with a favourably strong locking system & a solid Composite structure which ultimately offers a high level of home security.

Excellent thermal insulation

Composite doors have been designed to retain heat by preventing heat loss. Due to their excellent insulated foam core and internal structure, Composite doors are manufactured to be more energy-efficient than the alternative Wooden door. Composite doors are more rigid and retain their structure better than other traditional doors, therefore reducing the opportunities for heat to escape from around the edges. This retains the heat inside your home much more effectively, reducing energy costs and keeping you warm.

Weatherproofed for harsh climates

Composite doors have a thick core. This means when facing hard and extreme weather conditions they will not weaken or become frail. Composite doors have proven to withstand the ever-changing British climate.

Low maintenance

Traditional doors require treatments such as stains, paint and varnish to protect them from the environment and harsh weather conditions. With Composite doors, the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin ensures it is completely weather-resistant and does not need to be coated with treatments to prevent rot, peeling or flaking. It’s this GRP that contributes to its very low maintenance, making it almost maintenance-free. To keep the door looking brand new we suggest a simple wipe down of the frame every so often with a damp cloth to remove any dirt that may have got onto your door.

The Best Composite Doors In 2020 for external noise reduction

A common issue you get with older doors is that they let the outdoor noises in, spoiling the peace and quiet that every homeowner desires. With high-quality composite doors you can make these problems a thing of the past.