Casement windows have been popular among households in Britain far longer than classic sliding windows.  They are usually installed singly or as part of a pair.  They are extremely versatile and have many benefits, and are designed by using one or multiple hinges.  However, just like any other window, there are pros and cons to installing casement windows in your home.  In this article, we are going to explore those in more detail.


Energy Efficiency

Casement windows are one of the best designs when it comes to being energy efficient.  This is because the window sash is moveable, and therefore it can fasten securely when locked. Little air from outside will get through.  They are particularly good during windy seasons.

Ventilation from casement windows

Keeping your home well ventilated is important to avoid condensation.  Long term effects of condensation can cause damp and mould.  Casement windows open outwards, preventing breezes from entering your home.

Little maintenance needed

All windows need a good clean every now and then. Casement windows are a popular choice in kitchens, especially above sinks.  The way they are designed makes cleaning them a quick and simple task. The majority of casement windows pivot on their hinges.  This allows you access to the usually hard to reach places whilst remaining inside the house.

Easy to open

Casement windows use a crank to operate them.  This is the perfect solution for those who would struggle with stubborn windows that stick, for example, an elderly person.


Over time, you may consider replacing your existing casement windows.  So long as your window frames are still in good condition, you might be able to replace the window parts, the sash or the casing.  This would be far more cost-effective than replacing the entire window.


Casement windows are so versatile they will suit the style of any property.  They are available in a multitude of colours to complement any house.  You will also have the option of almost any glass, including bevelled and stained glass.

Clear views of the outside world

Casement windows will allow you to enjoy unobstructed views when both open and closed. They are the perfect solution if you have a particularly dark room, allowing natural light to filter in all day long.


Cost of casement windows

Casement windows can be a costly option when installing them from scratch.  The additional weight that comes with an efficient casement window is down to the multiple glazed sashes.  Ensure you are purchasing from a reputable company such as Maybank Solutions.

Limited on size

You will never see large casement windows being installed.  That is due to the limitations on the sizes available.  Casement windows need to be able to open outwards.  The frames have to support the weight of the window, and therefore your options are limited.


Casement windows are extremely difficult to break into.  However, over time their hardware can become rusty or in some cases, faulty.  It is important to check your windows often to ensure they are working to their full potential.

Sun reflection

Although the constant sun can lighten up the darkest of rooms, it can become an inconvenience for some.  Especially if the reflection is glaring off the television. Although it is nothing that a set of blinds can’t fix!

In conclusion, there are far more benefits to choosing casement windows than to not. At Maybank Solutions, we have a team of experts who will be able to advise you and answer any questions you may have. Contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

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