Tips for Dressing your Door for Spring/Summer

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, it’s time to spruce up your home to fit the season! Why not start with the doors? Of course, you could just buy a new door from the shops or add a fresh doormat for a quick and easy job done; but what about something more?

Front Doors

Front doors are the entrance way to your home, you want them to have just as much character as the rest of your home. There are a couple of simple things you can add to your front door to add more character.

You could start by adding a floral wreath to bring that element of Christmas joy to this spring/summer season. Change the flowers on the wreath from lilies and daisies to sunflowers when summer arrives. Adding a ‘welcome’ sign to either the wreath or the door alone will expand on the welcoming feel that spring brings while giving your door more character.

Interior Doors

The doors within your house are the ones that you will see and use the most. They may even be showing signs of wear and tear; let’s make them feel brand new!

A fresh coat of paint alone can instantly bring the life back to your doors and make them stand out in the hallways. While you’re at it, get some new door handles or polish the ones you already have, to make them shine. To make your freshly polished handles stand out even more, buy or make a few trinkets like crystal beads or floral chains to hang off the door handles. Doing these simple things will help bring out the personality of the door. If you like keeping your interior doors open during the day, you could use a fun doorstop to keep them propped open. Whether it’s a cute ladybug or a doorstop that looks like a beehive, you can bring out your aesthetic by just using something as simple as this. Want the cool spring air to flow through your home? Why don’t you simply take your doors off and add some beautifully coloured fringe to your doorways to allow the air to flow through while still adding uniqueness to your home.

Back Doors

A lot of back doors are just plain glass panels which is great for letting the light in during the spring and summer times, but what if you want to add more to those simple panels?

You could add some floral decals in the corners and on the borders of the glass to follow the spring/summer aesthetic and brighten up your garden. Or even add some hanging plants on the walls next to the door to frame and enhance the door itself. How about some vines of sunflowers around the border of the door too? The possibilities are endless!

While you’re in the garden, get your hands on a small fairy door decoration and put it in your garden within the flowerbeds or up against a fence. Adding a little door will make your garden feel like a magical retreat… And your kids will love it!

If you’re looking for fresh new doors for this spring/summer season, Maybank Solutions offer a wide variety of different doors from patio doors to composite doors and more in a large range of different colours and materials to fit any need! 

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