Keeping your home cool during the Summer

The last few weeks in England have seen very high temperatures, and everyone is searching for ways to keep themselves cool. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to make sure your house stays as cool as possible during the summer heatwaves.

Allow for a breeze

This goes without saying, but keep your windows open! Keeping your doors and windows open during summer will allow a draft to flow through your home and let the hot air escape. You may however be greeted by a few unwanted flying creatures, insect screens can help counter this while still allowing for a draft. Insect screens are widely available in places like DIY stores, Supermarkets and even online on websites like Amazon. 

Keep your curtains closed

You may think that keeping your curtains open would allow for more fresh-air to flow through. However, the extra screen of fabric can block a lot of the heat entering your home and can also help create a bigger draft when those small gusts of wind eventually travel through.

Cotton Bedsheets

Summer nights can be the worst if you’re bundled up in bed and not able to sleep. It may be helpful to switch your bedsheets to cotton bedsheets if they aren’t already. The thin, light colours will let hot air escape and will retract heat during the day to keep your bedding as cool as possible ready for the nighttime.

Keep tech usage to a minimum

It’s no surprise that technology generates an abundance of heat. Especially things like gaming consoles and TVs. Keep your tech usage to a minimum and spend more time outside, in the garden with a cocktail in hand. Lights also generate a lot of heat, keeping your lights off all day and night is another way that you can stop generating unnecessary heat in your home.

Ice fans

Fans may seem to cool you down if they are close, if they are far away it seems like they are just blowing around hot air. A trick to help cool down the air is to put a box of ice in front of the fan so that it blows the condensation into the air and cools down your home rather than making it hotter.

Sleeping downstairs

Although it isn’t ideal, sleeping downstairs may help you cool down and get a good night’s sleep rather than tossing and turning hoping for the best. As heat rises, the upstairs of your home will always be hotter than the downstairs, keep it in mind whenever the heat becomes too suffocating of a night.

With all these tips and tricks in mind, your home will be as cool as possible, and you can breathe easy during the summer heatwaves.

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