Are you considering converting space for your child to play? A playroom is a perfect place for your children to play without leaving toys all over the house.  You can turn your conservatory space into a playroom.  It is a great idea for that extra space without having to spend a fortune on potential renovations. The estimated building time for a conservatory is a lot less than having an extension built.  It also makes a great cost-effective option all year round.

What to think about when converting your conservatory into a playroom

Whether you already own a conservatory that you would like to remodel into a playroom, or you’re thinking about utilizing your outdoor space by installing a brand-new one, here are some things to keep in mind when designing your playroom.


High traffic flooring is essential as your children will be running around and playing on it for large periods of time. Choosing the correct material is a must. Cork is a great option as its soft and will soften any accidental falls. It’s also durable and has great thermal properties. Another great option to consider is non-slip rubber flooring. Whilst this isn’t as soft as Cork, it will certainly contribute to the prevention of any accidents and is easy to clean/maintain.

Marble flooring is probably an option to avoid for your playroom as it can be easily damaged and marked. Not to mention the obvious density and sleek finish. It’s an accident waiting to happen, and for that reason, Marble is a big no for us.

If a carpet is what you’re after then you will need to consider colour options. Darker colours are a smarter step in the right direction.  The greater risks that come with having lighter colours are probably not worth your time or money. For a lighter room and colour option, Beige would be the lightest you’d want to go. But even having Beige carpet in your playroom is a risk most of us wouldn’t take with younger children.

Overall, carpet may be a stronger choice than hard flooring as the thermal insulation is far greater and appealing in the colder winter months. No child is going to be drawn to a cold room for fun & games.

No matter what flooring you choose, you could always consider purchasing a cheap rug. Rugs have always brought a natural warmth and magnetism to any room. They’ll protect certain areas of flooring and provide a perfect spot for kids to play.

Toys Storage

A simple way to de-clutter your children’s playroom is to store your child’s toys in baskets or boxes. Organizing your children’s toys to neaten up and re-refresh their playtime experience is bound to keep them coming back for more.

Over the ages, toy boxes have been a traditional way to easily store all sorts of children’s books, toys, gadgets & gizmos. Toy boxes have always been that one large container for everything to be gathered and chucked away. Out of sight and out of mind. With toy boxes providing a huge convenience and easy access for both children and parents alike, it’s clear to see why most people make it their first option.

For those who prefer to organise their children’s toys, draws and boxes have offered a strong alternative. From soft felt draws to solid plastic containers, there’s a wide range of options for those who crave some level of organization when it comes to playtime.

Felt draws have a joint purpose of not only being a container for toys & objects but also being child-friendly. By removing the weight and sharp corners or traditional toy boxes or wooden draws, felt draws are without a doubt, the safer option for younger children. The same could also be said for felt or soft fabric baskets.

Ensuring your playroom is child-friendly

Your child’s safety is without a doubt, the number one factor when planning and designing your playroom. It’s incredibly important to keep leads and loose wires hidden or tucked away, avoiding any trip hazards, securing heavy furniture such as bookcases & shelving to walls.

The instinctive curiosity of any young child is to explore or climb any obstacles they face. We’ve all heard the horror stories of unsecured furniture being pulled over and trapping little ones underneath, or worse. It’s absolutely imperative that your child’s playroom has no obvious hazards. Especially if they’re being left unattended for long periods of time.

The best way to safeguard any young child is to analyse the room and try to visualize any potential cause of accidents. Apply rubber rounded covers to any sharp corners or angles. Make sure that all plug sockets are covered or out of sight. Be certain that any storage units containing anything other than toys have childproof locks on them.

So, f you are looking to turn your conservatory space into a playroom, please contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.