Uses for a Conservatory

Do you have a conservatory that’s empty and you have no idea what to do with it? Here are just 5 great ways that you can use your conservatory! 

A Dining Room 

A conservatory is a great space for a beautiful dining table and chairs for you & your family to sit in the summer and enjoy a freshly cooked meal. There are so many ways you can customise and add personality to a dining room, you could add a vase of fresh flowers to add a pop of colour or add additional texture with table runner. Using your conservatory as a dining room will provide you with extra elevation to your home. 

A Gym 

Missing the gym, thanks to the pandemic? Turn your conservatory into a home gym! With the comfortability that your home offers, this could become your new favourite place. The brighter lighting and beautiful garden scenery make for a better gym than your local. 

A Child’s Playroom 

Children love to play, why not give them their own space? Having your conservatory as a playroom means that not only do your kids get their own space to have fun, but you also get your own space to relax and watch TV without being surrounded by toys or having the fear of standing on Lego! The great thing about children’s toys is that they can be put away and hidden with an ottoman, so you could also use it as a second lounge area when the kids have gone to bed! 

A Lounge Area 

Speaking of.. A lounge area! The conservatory is the perfect area to sit back and relax on a nice summer afternoon. Grab your favourite drink & a book, for some you time. The great thing about a lounge area is that it’s versatile, you could invite your friends over and have a gossip or spend some quality time with your family. 

A Home Office 

Working from home is great, but sometimes being stuck looking at the same 4 walls with only a small window can get a little boring. Having your home office in a conservatory allows you to feel more alive while you’re at work. It’s a lot comfier too! You also get to look out at your beautiful garden. How lovely is that?! 

A Games Room 

Why should the kids be the only ones who get to have fun? Create a fun-filled games room in your own home! With your own ice-hockey and foosball table, it’ll feel like you’re at the arcades again! Add a few neon lights or some LED strips around the room and at night, you’ll have a colourful games room that will bring back all those teenage memories of 2p machines and air-hockey. 

Of course, there are many other things you could use a conservatory for. The lighting in the conservatory also makes it great for a photo studio, especially if you love shooting in natural lighting. 

Conservatories are so diverse; they can be used in so many ways and all year round! They give you that feel of being outside when you’re really in the comfort of your own home! What more could you want during a pandemic? Whatever you decide to do with your conservatory, make sure you add your own personal flair to make it feel that extra bit homely.

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