What Extension is best for your home

Choosing the right type of extension for your home can be challenging when there are so many options to choose from. In this blog, we will briefly outline all the different types of extensions and conversions to help you decide which extension would be best for you.

Single story Extensions

Single story home extensions are an inexpensive way to alter your current, downstairs home layout. Many use this type of extension to add an open kitchen plan, home office or an open living space. These extensions are great alternatives to moving house if you’re starting to lose interest in your home’s appearance, or if you just need more space or convenience in your daily life.

Double or multi story Extensions

A double or multi story extension adds extra space to existing stories, giving you a lot more space to live with. These types of extensions require a reconstruction of part of your home’s exterior structure, and because of that can be very expensive. As they can add a varied amount of space, depending on your home’s size, their cost can differ.

Basement Conversions

Basement conversions are very convenient extensions that can add a varied amount of space which could be used for any of your daily needs or desires. A positive to these conversions is that they won’t change the exterior appearance of your home and the construction process shouldn’t disturb your everyday life while they are being constructed, which is great for those who are working from home.

Wraparound Extensions

A wraparound extension situates itself at the side and rear of your home, expanding your space in multiple directions and giving you more free room to customise your home the way you’d like too. You will however lose out on some of your garden space for this interior extension. Despite this, you could continue to extend your home even further by adding a double story extension on-top of these extensions. Wraparound extensions are very popular for these reasons.

Conservatories and Outhouse Buildings

By adding a conservatory or outhouse extension to your property, you can not only add more living space, but also make the exterior of your home appear more desirable. There are many types of garden extensions like classic conservatories, orangeries, sun-houses or outbuildings. All of which can be utilised for a multitude of different things like dining areas, family entertainment rooms or just simply extensions of an existent room within your home.

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