Composite doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their resilience and how robust they are. The name composite is a term that is used when something is made of various elements. The door is made up of a mixture of uPVC, timber and laminated door skin.

Composite doors are built using a weatherproof acrylic layer, and all of the materials are glued under high-pressure conditions. Because of this, the door is more durable, weather-resistant and energy-efficient. The composite door has an outer frame, subframe and solid timber core.

So, how do you choose the right composite door for you? The front door you choose will be one of the first things people see upon approaching your home and will give the first impression of your property. It will provide a stunning entrance and create a welcoming atmosphere for those who visit.

The appearance of your composite door  

Regardless of the benefits of installing a composite door, the appearance will be one of the most important factors for you to consider.

You will have the option of a variety of colours to suit the style of your home.

Then there is the choice of modern or traditional style. If you have an older build, some composite doors will have been designed to replicate the look of the original timber. However, you may decide on a more modern approach.

Various styles of glass are available to you. There is a huge range of traditional leaded, patterned or decorative to choose from. Then there are the handles!

What glass is available for composite doors 

You will have the option of a variety of different glass to compliment your chosen composite door. The glass you choose will impact not only the look of your door but also how much light is let into your home. If you have a particularly dark entrance, deciding on large panels will transform your entire hallway. There is the option of clear, tinted, frosted or patterned glass for single double or triple glazing. 

Do you choose Solid or insulated core?

Choosing the material of your composite door is another important aspect. Composite doors are available in a classic or contemporary design. Regardless of whether you have a new build or a modern property, you will have options to choose from.

Two examples of the materials used to build composite doors include solid timber-core or an insulated core with aluminium or timber reinforcement.

The solid core door, although slightly more expensive, will give your home an authentic look. An insulated core door is the lighter option but is no less robust or secure.

Composite door locks

Typically, there are three door locks for a composite door.

  • Lever/Lever Lock – this is usually the type of lock chosen for a back door. It allows the user to enter the property without the use of a key until such time the door is completely deadlocked.
  • Split Spindle Lock – This lock allows you to exit the property easily using the inside handle, but nobody will be able to enter from the outside without a key.
  • Slam Lock – The ideal lock if you are concerned about security. As soon as the door closes, the lock hooks.  You don’t even need to lift the handle.  You will need a key to enter from the outside, and also bolt the door from the inside.

Here are some tips when deciding on the appearance of your composite door.

  • Contemporary doors offer a minimalistic design which works well if you own a modern or older home.
  • Plain doors are better suited to a modern home.
  • Glazed, partially glazed or panelled doors are the perfect addition for older Edwardian or Victorian houses.
  • The wood effect is also a great look if your house has older features, but you want to create a more modern feel.
  • When choosing your door, ask to see the latest trends in colour.
  • Don’t forget you have a choice of handles. Whether it is a traditional lever, satin or polished stainless steel.
  • Check what accessories are available. When choosing a door knocker, numbers or spyholes for security, it is best to have them fitted at the same time as your door.

Whatever your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

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