What type of Door is best for you

When choosing the doors you would like for your home, there are many things that you should consider. Things like aesthetic, future proofing and practicality are all important factors that you may want to think about before having a door fitted onto your home. In this blog, we outline potential doors and their features to help you choose the best door.

Wooden Doors

A wooden door is a go-to for many homeowners and fitters, as the material is easily accessible and inexpensive when compared to other doors.

Some benefits of having a wooden door are they fit in with any style of home and are customisable. Whether your home has a rustic style or a modern appearance, a wooden door will suit your home’s design. They are also very durable and add a sense of security to your home when they are installed.

Despite the benefits, wooden doors can be high maintenance, they require frequent cleaning and care. You may need to repaint areas due to general wear, as wooden doors tend to not be weatherproof. Wood doors are also very heavy which can cause them to change shape over time, this can weaken the door’s strength and may result in needing to replace the door.

uPVC Doors

uPVC doors are very popular amongst residents in the UK, especially within large city locations like London. uPVC doors are made from a type of plastic that is inexpensive and extremely durable.

uPVC doors are easily customisable and can be made to order from a range of manufacturers. Being weatherproof, strong, customisable and long-lasting makes them the best value for money. uPVC doors are all built with high levels of security so that you and your family will feel safe in your home.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are a made with a combination of different materials and are constructed using high pressures. 

Composite doors can vary in price depending on what materials they are constructed with, meaning that you can most likely find a composite door suited to your price range. A positive that composite doors have over other types of doors, is that they can provide noise cancellation due to the high-pressure construction. They also only require minimal maintenance and are very strong and durable. 

Despite their wide price range, composite doors start at a higher price point, so this is something you should consider. Composite doors are seen as a long-term investment because of this combined with all their positives.

Dutch Door

Dutch doors are commonly seen on structures like barns and sheds. They’re designed in a way that you can open the top half of the door while the bottom half stays shut. These types of doors are usually seen on back home exteriors.

If you don’t have a lot of space, a Dutch door may be the door for you. They can be very helpful on hot summer days to let in a breeze while keeping half the door closed for some added extra security. As they are made in two parts, they can be customised to have whatever combination of window and windowless panels that you’d like.

Although convenient, Dutch doors can be insecure. Being made of two parts, they don’t have a very strong structure, so you may need to have multiple locks installed.

There are a large range of doors that you may want to consider for your home and a lot of pros and cons to weight up before making your decision. We offer a large range of doors that you may be interested in having installed, some mentioned here in this blog! Take a look at our doors page to find out more information

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