There are several factors to consider when deciding when is it time to upgrade your windows at home. Double Glazed windows usually have a lifespan of 20 years, however, this depends on the quality of materials used.  One benefit of great, quality double glazing is how they make your home more energy-efficient. You will notice your home will be warmer in the colder months, much quieter and better still you will be reducing your heating bill.

So, when do you know it is time to upgrade your windows?  Your home can’t speak to you, but it will certainly show you signs that something isn’t right.

Here are the most common signs to look out for.

An increase in drafts and cold air

There is nothing worse than cosying up on the sofa watching your favourite film only to feel a constant gush of cold air around your ankles.  This is a classic sign that your windows are not performing efficiently.  It may be that you have a single-pane glass.  By upgrading to double glazing, your windows will prevent drafts and cold air, keeping you warmer for longer. If you already have double glazing installed, it could mean your seals in or around the window are no longer working as they should be.

Wear and tear

Visible damage is to be expected after some time.  Windows endure a lot over the years, so a small amount of wear and tear is perfectly normal. Most marks and scuffs can be easily wiped clean. However, if you have noticed your frames are starting to rot and are cracking, they should be changed as soon as possible.  Mould and damp can be a health risk. When windows are cracked, they will not be working efficiently and can cause damage. Not only for you but your home and the property value.  If you are looking at selling your property now or in the near future, the exterior is the first thing potential buyers will see.  First impressions count, and if they see old, worn windows, this will no doubt put them off.  They are more likely to offer less than the asking price and its actual value.

Energy bills are high

As previously mentioned, if you have old windows, they won’t be working efficiently and will have an impact on your home’s insulation.  This will cause an increase in your heating bills.  If you stand near your windows and it feels cooler than the rest of the house, or they are cold to the touch, this is a sign that windows need to be upgraded.

Increase in condensation

Although common, condensation is an annoying and damaging problem. Condensation is caused by lack of ventilation and is more common in the winter months when windows have to remain shut. Not only is condensation an eyesore, but it also shows that your glazing is failing.  Your house will not be as warm as it should be and this is a sure sign you need to upgrade your windows.

Fading furniture and upholstery

Furniture that fades is usually a result of being in direct sunlight for some time.  Most modern windows are designed with built-in UV protection.  This feature blocks out the sun’s rays and will help protect your furniture and upholstery.

Windows are not opening and closing

Over time, windows can become a little stiff and will be difficult to open and close.  This is not only an annoying problem, but it also shows that your windows are no longer performing as they should be.  You may also notice that your windows keep shutting by themselves.  Not only is this a massive inconvenience, but it can also be a health and safety hazard, especially if you have young children.

Security of your home

The security of your home is paramount.  Whether you are going out for the day, off on your holidays or simply sleeping at night, you will want to feel a sense of security.  If your windows are not working as well as they should be, it will be an open invite for a potential break-in.

So, if you have noticed any of the above signs, this is when is it time to upgrade your windows at home.  Please don’t hesitate in contacting us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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